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Welcome to the world of most sought after fan range in India-Cinni Fans and the newly introduced range of products from Cintu. Sah Agencies Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1962 as Marketing house which dealt in the marketing of Cinni Fans & Tullu Pumps. The quality & performance of Cinni black table fan attracted the attention of dealers as well as customers and rapidly cultivated itself as a leader of black table fan and various models of black table fan which came afterwards in the market were never recognised by their brand name but Cinni. During its initial period, started IIM award for best women enterpreneur and executive which continued for good six years.Sah Agencies Pvt. Ltd. recently launched its new range of economical pumps under the brand name Cintu.The performance and design of Cintu products make it much more than an economical product.It is a true blend of quality,performance and price.SAPL currently has 7 branch offices mostly either in the metros or capital of states with a strength of around 100 persons and a dealer network of approx. 5000.SAPL's infrastructure is spread upto the grassroot level with chain of sub-dealers and rural marketing retailers. The organization provides reliability to the customer,thus giving the customer an environment,which is reliable not only in terms of pricing,quality and delivery but also transparent.This enables the customers of SAPL to have full trust in their commitment.

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